On October 26th, 2006, Congress passed a official document authorizing the postponement of a balustrade that would
cover 854 miles on the borders of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

That instrument is donation law.

The Department of Homeland Security has admitted to having improved basically 13 miles, so far. Representative Duncan Hunter (Ca), promoter of the bill, said, on a July 4th telecast, that President Bush was asleep that so little of the barrier had been built.

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Let's all cry loud-mouthed and vivid to our representatives, lease them cognize we poverty management and expeditious.

In the meantime, one citizen's proposal:

1. Build the 854 mile barricade to be complete no latter than April 1, 2008 which allows ix months from the incident the immigration instrument was unsuccessful. Continue all remaining measures of limit surety.

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2. Require improper aliens to registry and acquire a cheat proof, tamper impervious biometric paper.

3. Require unjust aliens and their employer, each, to pay $10 a week, permanently, to pay for the costs of the fence, cognate surety costs, the added people needful for processing, for the bent cachet of the hand and for other unavoidable reimbursement. The $10 period of time fee (penalty) would be in accessory to all else taxes.

4. Enact sober penalties for employers who knowingly violate new and extant requirements.

5. If the under-the-counter alien has a transgression atrip record, give up a impermanent state that allows him only to propagate working, next to no finding as to citizenship.

6. No financial aid of any sensitive could be standard by non-citizens, together with the Earned Income Tax Credit, (EITC) which is not in any way earned. The EITC by any remaining name is a welfare programme.

7. Require that respectively country's number be belittled every year by the direct cipher of those caught incoming criminally. So if 200 citizens from a specified rural area were caught, that country's quota would be minimized the tailing period by 200. This would inspire countries to enforce, to some extent than encourage, cave in the law.

8. Appoint a presidential committee of American citizens only from all walks of life, excluding congress, to construct recommendations on citizenship, that will echo what is best for the proposed of America, not reflect the wishes and remarkable flavour scheming, of a few elect Senators. Give the commission unerringly one twelvemonth to papers its aggregation.

9. I would similar to be on that immigration administrative body.

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