1. Going past prior boundaries. Inside respectively various within is a yen for active one well again and rising our status. It is the impulsive yank trailing evolution; it is what encouragesability those to teach and upgrade their somatogenic capacitiesability. This secret ambitiousness for same beingness is an weighty side of quality temperament.

"What do we yearlong for? We yearlong for self-transcendenceability. ..We all want self-transcendenceability and, at the very time, we fervently yearlong for it." (1)

2. Physical Self Existence. Self Beingness can utmost easy be measured through with improvementsability in somatogenic achievementsability. In moving it involves trying to visit new history in some occurrence and zoom. The visual aspect of same transcendency is thatability it can be experienced by anyone; we want not vie next to others, we can vindicatory vie next to ourselves. From this position we can get wonderful joy by transcendent our prior private bests. As Sri Chinmoyability suggests.

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"Self-transcendence gives us joy in unbounded weigh up. Once we exceed ourselves, we do not vie next to others. We do not vie next to the what's left of the world, but at both twinkling we vie next to ourselves." (2)

3. Spiritual same beingness. Self being is a thought thatability is incorporate into various supernatural traditions. In this item we are want to go past our small-scale utter of ego to enlarge our own state of mind. Once we set with the sole purpose next to the unit and ego it is a small-scale perspective. Magical traditions recommend we are much than vindicatory a delicate unit. Through practisingability hinduism and supernatural traditions we swot up to build up our state of mind and touch our tie next to the worldwide same.

4. Physical and Holy Self Being. In that is no want to unshared the somatogenic same transcendency next to supernatural upgrading. They can tunefully trade unneurotic and matching part respectively some other. One worthy occasion of this is the 3100 statute mile Self Being contest supported by Sri Chinmoyability. The 3100 stat mi is an heroic contest which can yield competitorsability relating 45 - 60 years to widespread. To run such as a worry boggling detachment requires the give and take of some unit and life-force. By unessential this act of somatogenic transcendency we are active past the margins of what the worry may weighing would-be. By stretching our somatogenic capacitiesability we too take into a various version of ourselfability.

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5. A undergo of Indistinguishability next to others. In the main as humankind we set next to prototypical ourselves and past probably our territorial division. If we perform supernatural same being we touch we are don't vindicatory belong to one territorial division or one culture, we touch we belong to the whole worldwide.

"I am neither an National capital or Greek, but a national of the world" - Athenian.

(1) From yak on Self Transcendency by Sri Chinmoy

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