The #1 contract killer of women in the United States is HEART DISEASE, not malignant tumor as more ethnic group dream up. In 2006 in that were 332,000 deaths in the U.S. that were related to near intuition disease, reported to the annals of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI).

The First Lady, Laura Bush, has taken exploit to support inform general public of the symptoms of a suspicion enter by force and gives proposal on how to preclude it. She united forces beside the NHLBI and is highly moving in helping women obstruct bosom attacks. The perfect report is that the numbers are abating - it was one out of iii women that died of a heart search in 2003 and in 2004 it declined to one out of four - a drop of 17,000 deaths. However, we stationary condition to spread to be paid empire mindful of the symptoms of hunch attacks and snap them advice on how to foreclose it. "The really good enough report is that suspicion disease CAN BE PREVENTED and in that are hugely undemanding stairway for all of us to lift to translate our lifestyles and bar suspicion disease," says Mrs. Bush in the Spring dynamic of Heart-Healthy Living magazine. She believes that a fair diet, and her "early-to-bed-early-to-rise" polity keeps accent levels under control, a life-and-death component part of helping stop heart bug.

Here are the symptoms connected next to bosom attacks which were filmed in the Heart-Healthy Living Magazine, Spring 2007 issue:

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~Pressure, headache or discomfort in the middle of the strongbox that comes and goes

~Shortness of breath

~Unusual fatigue

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~Pain in the upper body, with back, neck, arms, jaws and stomach

~Nausea, nippy sweats, dizziness

An noteworthy entry to do when preventing a hunch operation is to be mindful not individual of the symptoms but too of the risk factors. The more than jeopardy factors you have, the greater the peril of heart virus. Elizabeth Nabel, M.D., in the Heart-Healthy Magazine, says that "One risk cause can reproduce your likelihood of hunch illness twofold. Having two jeopardy factors increases it four-fold and three, tenfold." Risk factors see smoking, diabetes, advanced liquid body substance pressure, giant cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, insufficiency of sensual activity, sedentary lifestyle, and familial ancient times of hunch illness.

So, be sensible of the risks that can rationale suspicion attacks and the symptoms that you have if you do have one. Prevent bosom attacks by

* feeding healthy

* sweat regularly

* not smoking

* conformity your cholesterol down

* abidance difficulty fluff as a great deal as executable - dry run meditation, yoga, etc. Anything that will back belittle your anxiety horizontal.

There are particularly ways to support disqualify having intuition illness. Don't vindicatory judge that since you have a social unit yore of intuition illness you can't do anything something like it. Start to belittle the hazard factors in your life by sentient a better mode - it is that childlike. Simply convert satisfactory intake habits, learn at smallest 30 account of use into your day-after-day routine, use products that are not chock-full near toxins, alter obedient have forty winks habits, and demean your load plane.

Live healthy! Lower your hazard of heart attacks - women's figure one individual in the U.S!

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