Nothing dangerous, of course; some card tricks, a few rope tricks. No balloons and sharp pins, no coins that could be swallowed, no magical fire that flares from nowhere. Just a few simple Magic Tricks.

How can this be good for a child? Well, for a start, the more interests a child has, the more interesting a personality they will develop. Magic can become an involving interest; one that could lead to a paying hobby or perhaps a career.

Next, Magic involves memory; you have to remember how to do it, where the card is and how to control it, the patter or story that goes with the trick, and how to produce a dramatic conclusion. This is repeated for each magic trick learned, and an enthusiastic Magician, even a young one, will learn hundreds if not thousands of magic tricks!

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There is also an amount of manual dexterity needed - sleight of hand is a skill that needs to be practiced. Some tricks need the hands to perform minor contortions that can take months to perfect. Magicians who start young enough will develop hands as supple and powerful as a pianist or classical guitarist. Many older Magicians, myself included, who didn't start young enough, have given up doing certain tricks because their fingers are no longer capable of bending that way.

Perhaps the most important thing that Magic will do for your child is to introduce them, subtly, to the concept of scepticism. It will demonstrate to them that not everything is what it seems; that just because someone tells them that something is so - it may not be. That in the real world, w.y.s.i.w.y.g. is not necessarily the natural order of things.

Despite their serious side, Magic Tricks for kids are FUN and your children will love them.

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