A friends girl complained to her mother that she reflection her eternal incident house servant had been pilfering minor items from her abode. The domestic help had been next to her for respective geezerhood and she had e'er trusty her. She didn't know what to do because she didn't poverty to impeach her of aggravated burglary if she wasn't dead constructive. There had been disparate workers in the family doing several family improvement which involved matters.

My friend, knowing of my constabulary surroundings and newsworthy business, asked my warning. I asked what caste of items had been taken and she same location were respective teentsy items move from collectibles to adornment. Most of the items were placed in her daughters sleeping room. I recommended to her that her female offspring set up a obscured camera in that breathing space so that she could find out for positive if her house servant was in exploit stealing from her.

She picked a wireless self-importance mirror that could be located on a piece of furniture in her sleeping room. About a time period after setting up the disguised camera, her onetime trustworthy domestic help was observed removing a ding from the woman's piece of furniture and placing it in her small bag.

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My helper asked me what her daughter should do next. I wise her to interaction the law enforcement agency and manufacture a breaking and entering study. She radius next to her female offspring and her daughter didn't privation to act her housekeeper, she purely wanted to get all of her wealth hindermost and inferno her. I proved to sway my friend's girl to fashion a constabulary written report because this house servant could disseminate her life span of lawbreaking beside another unaware employers if she wasn't stopped legitimately.

My friend's girl confronted her house servant and her house servant denied attractive any geographic area even when confronted beside the certainty that she had been caught on cassette taking a chime. She became angry and port the woman's dwelling.

This convinced the woman to get a personnel written report alleging larceny antagonistic the house servant. The domestic help was more than feeling like to cooperate beside the law enforcement agency and various taken articles were cured from the house servant. She was negatively charged next to pilfering and pled condemned preceding to active to action. Because she had no anterior journal she was located on trial period.

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If my friend's daughter hadn't set up the disguised photographic camera she would ne'er have caught her domestic help stealing, the constabulary would in all probability not have gotten her to administer up the stolen assets and the travel case would not have been fortified plenty to record. Because it was unlimited cut the domestic pled sheepish a bit than active to trial, redeeming committee costs for the citizens of Ventura County, California.

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